Nano4Life's Antimicrobial Properties

microbeThe Persistent problem of the effect of germs and bacteria is a well known fact on our persons, homes and businesses.

Traditionally, chemical sterilisation has been used to in an attempt to keep Bacteria and Viruses at bay. These methods however are ineffective beyond a 75% kill rate, and if applied incorrectly, even less. Plus they have a very limited life span. This is due to the fact that traditional cleaning chemicals are made from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).


VOCVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are Organic Chemical Compounds that have significant Vapour Pressures that can Negatively affect the environment and human health. VOC’s are found in nature and are also manmade. Unfortunately, they are also a major component in paints, coatings, paper,adhesives, and YES! Chemical Cleaning Agents.VOC’s are notorious for having toxic, even Chronic effects and symptoms that are slow to develop, such as Sick Building Syndrome (Legionnaires) , Asthma, Various allergies and even certain forms of cancer.


Coating surfaces with Nano4Life is completely safe, inert and has a lab tested kill rate of >99.9%. This is due to the fact that Nano4Life for potential Nano-Surfaces is manufactured utilising a new generation hybrid double element molecule . Nano4life would be ideal not only for sterile surfaces such as hospitals ;commercial applications for Hotels, Restaurants and other food preparation areas ;but also for General Home use ie. Kitchens, mattresses, lounges etc.


Nano4Life is the recipient of the much coveted ECO PASSPORT certification from the globally renowned HOHENSTEIN INSTITUTE in Germany. The institute has been certifying applications from 1946 and it’s expertise is research and certification, especially in the field of textiles is unparalleled. Our products have been tested with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 assessment process and is maximum certified for infant application standard when used in accordance to manufacturer guidelines.