❝Our Success are our People❞ - Peter Comnianakis CEO

Gerhardt Vrey - Strand W.Cape
❝ I’ve been with MBN since the beginning. I was fortunate to get in early because the business opportunity is outstanding. The Nano4Diamond application is second to none and I just completed my 131st car at the time of writing this. I will definitely be renewing my service operator’s contract for a 4th year. ❞
Kevin Wilson - East London
❝As the oldest operator, I can attest to the fact that all the products are eco-friendly, new generation high tech and the service/constant support from the company has been amazing!  ❞
Eli Vergara - E.Cape
❝I signed up with MBN last year expecting to supplement my income. The business opportunity has presented me with so much more! I’ve now gone mobile and I am doing nanotech coatings full time. The service and backing from the company has been superb and the people at MBN are approachable and accommodating at all times ❞
Adriaan JV Rensburg - Garden Route
❝ As one of the newer operators in W.Cape, I already had a brick and mortar concern. I signed on with the company to access their great product line, especially the NanoDiamond application which is 2nd generation and remarkable value for money. Customer satisfaction has greatly increased and so has my revenue. I have received great service and incredible technical support from the company.  ❞
Wayne Edward Thomas - Exclusive Mpumalanga Operator
❝ I identified an opening for Nanotechnology in Mpumalanga and booked the whole Province on an exclusive basis and for all business units. I can affirm to the fact that everything was simple, organised well and easily explained. Training was comprehensive and technical expertise unrivalled by anyone else in the industry. ❞
Prenolan Govender - KZN Operator
❝ It’s my 3rd year and the ride has been amazing. The company’s loyalty to their operators is first class, support is ongoing, and 24/7- 365 is not just a cliché, but a resolute standard they live by. Will definitely be renewing another year! ❞