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Thank you for your interest in Nanotechnology.

The term ‘Nano’ would have been an exotic word for most. For the more informed, ‘Nano’ is short for Nanometer, or 1 Billionth of a meter if you will. Science has managed in the last couple of years to manipulate atoms and molecules to fabricate everyday scaled products. Exciting isn’t it? But how does that apply to today’s business environment? Adaptation!

Business has kept abreast of technological developments and has discovered ways to make money. Whoever jumps on the nanotechnology wagon today is guaranteed to generate money tomorrow and for the next 200 years in an industry that just started now and is expected to evolve and evolve fast. It is expected to become a trillion dollar industry in the next decade. In comparable terms, that’s the Internet Boom of the 90’s with another zero added and twice as fast.

As for the south African business environment, it has been fashionably late in keeping abreast of these developments and especially in the sector of Nano hydrophobic coatings. That’s where MyBigNano comes into the picture as the first company in South Africa to not only bring Nano4Life to the country, but also offer Nanotechnology coating application for a wide range of industries, from Hydrophobic self-cleaning applications and thermal coatings to fire-protection.

Apart from a great range of innovative products and applications, we additionally give the opportunity to the average small businessman, new entrepreneur and public to participate in this epic adventure with us by not only awarding operators’ licenses for as little as R8k, but also training and full administrative and Marketing support. If you want a small chunk of this multibillion dollar business, feel free to peruse through our site and contact us for an information pack.




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