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Galileo's Concave-convex Microscope Circa Late 1600's


The word ''Nanotechnology'' is derived from the Greek Word Nano (Ie Dwarf)+ Technology (τεχνολογια) and was introduced by the 14th Global Chemistry Conference of 1947 to describe matter ''One-Thousandth-Millionth'' part. 338 years after Galileo invented the convex and concave compound microscope.

Nanotechnology is a term we hear very often nowadays. Nano-medicine, nano-biotechnology, green-nanotechnology just to name a few. But what is nanotechnology really? Scientifically put, it’s the manipulation of atoms, molecules and materials on the scale of a nanometre. In laymen’s terms, one thousandth the width of a human hair. Too small to be seen by anything else other than an electron microscope.

shaveTo put that scale in another context, the comparative size of a nanometer to a meter is the same as that of a marble to the size of the earth. Or another way of putting it: a nanometer is the amount an average man's beard grows in the time it takes him to raise the razor to his face.


Further Developments in Nanotechnology 

tennis_PNG10416Further applications allow tennis balls to last longer, golf balls to fly straighter, and even bowling balls to become more durable and have a harder surface. Trousers and socks have been infused with nanotechnology so that they will last longer and keep people cool in the summer. Bandages are being infused with silver nanoparticles to heal cuts faster. Video game consoles and personal computers may become cheaper, faster, and contain more memory thanks to nanotechnology. Nanotechnology may have the ability to make existing medical applications cheaper and easier to use in places like the general practitioner's office and at home. Cars are being manufactured with nanomaterials so they may need fewer metals and less fuel to operate in the future.

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