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Long It’s called ‘’Nanotechnology’’ and it’s exciting! From declassified NASA technology to the Science of adapting nature’s processes to Business and Industry (Biomimetics), Nanotechnology has come a long way in the last few years.

We see this everywhere! Compare the Brick you were carrying around a few years ago (we used to call it a Cell Phone back then) and the lovely sleek device you effortlessly carry with you now. The TV was another example of how technology adapted to reduce them from two feet thick to just a few inches thick.

What we’ve done is procured High-Tech coatings that serve a purpose. Why coat a house with ‘’dumb’’ paint when you can coat a house with Smart Paint that is so technologically advanced that it can drop the temperature 10 °C and drive away Mosquitos. Why wax a vehicle with ‘’dumb wax’’ when you can detail it with a smart coating that will make it self-cleaning with water and gravity and scratch resistant?

Now YOU can make a phenomenal business from coating someone’s home with smart paint or detailing someone’s car with the intelligent stuff? Why insulate a structure with insanely thick insulation when you can use 1mm of Nanoceramic Thermal Barrier? We’ve taken it one step further and procured the services of one of the best consultants in Europe to create a Ready-To-Operate (RTO), from Day one Business for you to do exactly that. It’s smart, affordable, flexible and extremely lucrative.

So if you own a Car Detailing Business, an Insulation Firm, Dry-Cleaning enterprise, Painting Contracting Business or just a regular Joe that wants to try their hand at something beyond Innovative! What are you waiting for? Become an Operator while there are licenses available!

Ready-To-Operate (RTO) Business Model

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Available Business/Service Units

Hydrophobic Services

Business Unit_Hydro

The Damage water, and even minimal humidity does to fabrics and other surfaces is well known. Discoloration, staining, moss and algae formation are just some of the ways our most prized assets are damaged. This business unit basically revolutionises the way in which we take care of our possessions. From automotive to mining-Agriculture to Aviation, the Sky's the limit with this business unit.

The product that constitutes part of this business model was created using the Biomimetics principles (Ie, replicating nature's processes for use in industry), is 2nd generation and far ahead of the competition as duration is 6-8 years, where competition offers a similar product with only 20 months on average protection.   

Note that the Automotive Services Division is also given when buying this business unit as a single package

Automotive Services

When you look at even the most shiniest of cars with the naked eye, it seems exactly that. Shiny and smooth! But put it under an electron microscope, the reality is anything but! All surfaces, porous and non-porous alike have ‘crater-like’ pores that give adhesion to water, dirt and grime.Over time, these holes are ‘filled up’ with environmental pollutants. Layer upon layer of these elements create a very strong binding that is almost impossible to thoroughly clean resulting in staining and fading. Nanotech Automotive Services solves this problem by providing Nanotechnology protection for the Vehicle as well as 9h grade anti scratch (the highest available!)


This is a great service to provide for the after sales car detailing market as well as showrooms.

Fireproofing Services

This business unit encompasses Passive Fire Protection through an innovative Intumescent Fireproofing nanotechnology Coating with  Soft Char Properties, the most innovative Fire-Proofing money can buy. So innovative in fact that a coated structure can withstand an open Flame of 1.000 ºC for a full 90 Minutes. 90 Minutes could be the time it takes for fire fighting services to arrive, it could be the extra time needed for you to evacuate personnel and could be the difference between life and death before a building starts to collapse.  

Thermal Ceramic Insulation Services

This great service has its origins and owes its existence to the Space Industry. Thermal Ceramics Technology was developed to tackle the Space Shuttle's re-entry to the earth's atmosphere. This technology was declassified in the 70's and the evolution of Thermal barrier coatings for every day use was developed. We've procured a product that has a thermal conductivity coefficient 23 times lower than air. 1 mm of this magical stuff is equal to 50 mm of Regular Thermal Insulate.

Business Units in the Pipeline

Odour Absorbing Coating Services

Anti-Mosquito Coating Services

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