MBN FlameOFF Pyro 100 Terrestrial (Ground) Fire-Break Application

Product Description

MBN FlameOff Pyro 100 is a new generation water based fire retardant for terrestrial fire-breaking use. Ideal for creating a ‘’Fire safe-zone’’ around residential and commercial value properties. Concerned about fires? No Problem! Just apply on the ground and create a fire-safe zone around your assets.


Veld test

Trough test

Advantages of MBN Pyro 100

✓ Control fires and creates ''safe-zones'' during fires.

✓ Kills fires better than water alone. 

✓ Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

✓ Converts to fertiliser.

✓ Colour indication markers identifies not only protected areas but also when re-application is necessary. 

✓ Ideal for urban areas where normal fire-breaks may either not be allowed or not practical.

✓ No specialized equipment such as bulldozers are needed, therefore reducing cost from machinery and labour.

✓ Budget friendly 

Basis of operation. How does it work?

A proprietary blend of ammoniated compounds, silica, colorants and fertilizers will allow easy application as thanks to the marking colorant, you know what area you’ve covered. Upon contact with open flame, MBN FlameOFFPYRO 100’s compound will release CO2and prevent the fire from coming into contact with your safe zone.



Manual Firebreak methods vs. MBN Pyro 100

Traditionally, firebreaks have always been barriers created by gaps in vegetation in an effort to starve a potential fire from combustible material. This method has it’s problems because it’s not always possible to dig where desired and may not be as effective in the presence of high winds and pine cones that can shoot seeds many metres when heated by fires. Manual Firebreaking is also a laborious Process.

Depending on the environmental conditions, and the relative effectiveness of a given firebreak, firebreaks often have to be backed up with other firefighting efforts Even then, it is still sometimes possible for fire to spread across a seemingly impenetrable divide. During the worst part of the fire season in southern California, strong Santa Ana winds will blow carpets of burning embers across eight-lane freeways. 

By using MBN FlameOFF PYRO 100, you can create a firebreak just by spraying the vegetation well, creating an emergency barrier especially in high risk seasons. Our product has a blue colorant which is used both as a marker of what’s been treated and also when you need to apply again. It can also fight fires as a direct application much better than what plain water can. It’s environmentally friendly ad will convert to fertilizer afterwards.


MBN Pyro 100 vs. similar applications

✓ Similar applications are fire-fighting in basis. MBN Pyro 100 is preventative.

✓ Similar applications are short term acting. MBN Pyro 100 can last for months and with multiple rains.  

✓ Similar applications are considered very toxic. MBN Pyro 100 is considered more environmentally friendly. So friendly in fact, that it biodegrades and becomes a fertiliser. 

✓ Similar applications usually need special equipment like aircraft and land moving equipment, thus expensive to apply. MBN Pyro 100 can be applied with simpler fertilising apparatus and is therefore much cheaper.

   MBN PYRO 100 would be ideal for ''Zone 2'' Firebreaking. This application will always work best if basic fire protection principles are also applied (clearing of brush/other flammable material, relocating perimeter trees etc)

 Disclaimer: Forces of nature, such as wind, fire and barometric conditions are beyond our control. Subsequently, application of MBN PYRO 100 does not 100% guarantee your property or assets will remain undamaged during a fire, or that it's safe to stay in your home. ALL evacuation instructions from relevant authorities must be heeded in ALL circumstances!  



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