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We are proud to announce our cooperation with the Vital Protection Brand from HHL Technologies group, a pioneer and Global Leader in Insect Protection Technology for porous (like fabrics) and Non-Porous surfaces (like walls) alike.

HHL Technologies group has spent years researching anti-insect technologies that offer long lasting protection from insects that are safe, environmentally friendly and combat serious insect borne diseases like West Nile, Yellow fever and Malaria. 



Molecule Structure Of Permethrin

The Chrysanthemum Plant

 Basis of Operation

Vital Protection’s active ingredient is permethrin – a totally safe, but highly effective chemistry. Within nature, certain flowers, such as those of the chrysanthemum are used to make a repellent with almost identical properties. Permethrin is a synthetic version of this naturally occurring organic protection. It is odourless and with correct practice has no negative effective on the environment or surface to which it is applied.

Insects do not have protective enzyme shields on their nerve sheaths covering like humans and other mammals have, so as soon as these insects come into contact with a treated surface, the active enzymes in the Permethrin start attacking the insect’s nervous system, resulting in repellency, paralysis or death. In most cases however, the treated surface acts more like a repellent due to mosquitoes' detection capabilities.


✓ Home, Commercial and Industry.
✓ Factories
✓ Children and Toddler’s Rooms
✓ Schools and Hostels.
✓ Hotels, Motels and other Hospitality facilities
✓ Safari Lodges.
✓ Poultry Houses
✓ Commercial Livestock Facilities
✓ Fruit Packaging and Processing Plants.
✓ Veterinary Facilities.
✓ Convention Centres and Halls.
✓ Hospitals and Field Hospitals.
✓ Container Housing.
✓ Emergency Resident and Refugee Housing
✓ Factories, Schools, Clinics and Office Buildings
✓ Military

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